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How To Embrace Your Peace and Chaos as a Whole

November 16, 2020

From a very young age, your parents probably taught you to be a good person. After all, no parent wants their kid to become a terrible human being when they grow up. You were also probably told to embrace the light and dispel any lingering darkness in all aspects of life. And while positive thoughts and emotions were rewarded, negative ones were often punished. This instilled a belief in you that you should welcome the light and shun the darkness, and that there is no way you could embrace your peace and chaos as a whole.

But growing up, you inevitably realize that no matter how hard you try, there is a dark side of you you just can’t get rid of. When you are transitioning from being a kid to being an adolescent, this can be quite scary. You might fear your dark side, and some might even believe that there is something wrong with them! This can carry well over to your adulthood and impact who you become as an individual. It might also affect how you handle the countless situations that life throws at you.

This is serious stuff, and you need to have a more balanced view or a more holistic perspective on things. And you should probably start by realizing and acknowledging the duality of the reality we live in. This will open the doors for you to get a much deeper and complete understanding of who you are.

A Reality of Duality

The universe we live in is based on duality. There are two forces at play that always remain in balance. You could call them light and darkness, where the stars represent light and the empty space represents darkness. You could also call them creation and destruction, where the formation of stars and galaxies represents creation, and their death symbolizes destruction.

Scientists have actually confirmed that two forces that we just can’t understand yet made up 96% of the universe. These are dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter holds everything together, and dark energy expands everything outwards. It is the intricate balance of these two forces that keeps the universe ticking. We have called these two forces by many names since ancient times; “Yin and Yang” in Chinese philosophy and  “Shiva and Shakti” in Indian spirituality.

So you see, the very universe we exist in has light and darkness existing in perfect harmony. As a product of this universe, you, too, have two sets of contrary forces that actually complement each other. It is this fact that you need to realize.

We Are Made of Light And Darkness

As humans, we have an entire spectrum of emotions that we can experience. From jealousy, anger, hatred, fear, and doubt to happiness, love, hope, and joy, we can all experience countless emotions and feelings. And when it comes to our thoughts, there is virtually no limit to what we can conjure up in our minds. If someone asks you what you would like to experience more, you would obviously choose the “lighter” emotions. If the choice was available to you, you would probably never want to experience the “darker” emotions.

This is the story of most people, and it shows in how they live their lives. It scares them to face the darkness within them and choose to run away from it. Maybe that is why there is so much prevalence of drugs and alcohol in today’s world. People are so afraid of the darkness within that they want to dull their senses to a point where they can’t feel anything. Sadly, this results from the wrong perceptions and limited understanding of reality and what makes them human.

You need to make sure that you are not one of these people. Don’t let your limited understanding of who you are, stop you from living a fulfilled life. Let the realization hit you that your darkness plays an equal role in making you who you are. There is no use denying it. It exists; it’s there. It is just better for your mental sanity to acknowledge this. Yogis and gurus have forever stated that acceptance is the path to liberation. So when you accept that light and darkness are within you, in a non-judgmental manner, your life will become much easier.

Embracing Your Peace, Your Chaos

The next step after acceptance is embracing. When you are at peace with the many layers of yourself, you will not try to shun anything. Your life will transition from a constant state of “resistance” to a state of free flow. You will also be able to embrace your strengths, weaknesses, peace, chaos, and everything else within you that contributes to making you a unique individual. You will realize that both these sides make you whole. The absence of one side leads to an incomplete you. And I’m sure you don’t want to be an incomplete human!

However, the most wonderful transformation that you will experience is a rise above the light and darkness. You will realize that the concept of good and evil was created by us humans. On the scale of the cosmos, there are no such things as good and evil. Everything is just one energy. Being on this level of perception can truly make your life magical. At any given moment, you will have an overall understanding of you as a person. Your flaws won’t bother you. In fact, you will be able to use your dark side consciously to further enhance your life.

We often forget that even the darker emotions and thoughts have a purpose. If there was no anger towards injustice, there wouldn’t be any justice in the world. If sadness didn’t exist, you wouldn’t know the value of happiness. If you didn’t make mistakes, you wouldn’t learn. If hardships didn’t exist, you wouldn’t become stronger, wiser, and a more mature person! Everything has its place. You just have to understand this and try to become the best version of yourself you can be!


  1. edzel catahan

    This is a great insight into embracing ourselves. Most of the time God purposely put us in a difficult situation and that is part of our life. He let us face the darkness first and experience the worst or face a lot of problems and actually we should be thankful for that coz those challenges that we face make us stronger as a person. Sometimes it takes a lot of time before we see the best version of ourselves but in the end, it will be worth it. No pain no gain. We all bound to make mistakes and that is fine, we are human.

  2. Olivia Payne

    This is a great piece. Most people try to do all they can to avoid the darkness. What they dont realize is the darkness and the sadness that we experience in our lives make us who we are. It builds our strength and our character. The darkness teaches us life lessons. I love that part of the blog that says if sadness didn’t exist, you would never know the value of happiness. My take away is to simply embrace the darkness and appreciate the light. The light is pure joy.

    • Shirley Simon

      I completely agree with you Olivia. You wouldn’t know true joy if you’ve never felt pain.

  3. Valarie Simmons

    we need to embrace the darkness because without it we will not appreciate the beauty of the light. sometimes sadness and hard times come our way so we get a better appreciation for the little blessings


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