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How to Free Yourself from Your Inner Critic

December 2, 2020

Don’t you sometimes feel that there are multiple voices inside you, with each saying completely different things? One of them might motivate you, while the other might constantly try to push you down. Whether it is about your career, relationships, looks, talents, or any other aspect of life, these voices are always whispering in your mind. It’s obvious that the optimistic voice is your supporter, and the pessimistic one is your inner critic. And you might already know which voice most people listen to more.

Yes, the inner critic. That is why we keep doubting ourselves at every step in our journey. We keep telling ourselves that we are not good enough, no matter what it may be about. This leads to self-sabotage and keeps you from living a full-fledged life. If you do this as well, you need to free yourself from your inner critic. Let’s look at four ways you can do this.

Use Affirmations

Saying positive affirmations is a practice in which you speak positive statements about yourself and the various areas of your life. This directly counteracts the negative voice. So, for instance, if your inner critic says that you are ugly, repeat the affirmation, ‘I am beautiful’ or ‘I am so good looking.’ If your inner critic says you are not good enough, repeat the affirmation, ‘I have infinite power within me’ or ‘I can achieve anything I set my mind to.’ The great thing about affirmations is that they reprogram your subconscious mind and hence provide a long-term solution.

Solve Issues Stated By The Inner Critic

This might sound counterintuitive, as it involves actually listening to the inner critic. However, it is a crucial step. The reason for this is that sometimes your inner critic might put forth valid issues and criticism. If you listen to it in a non-judgmental manner and then solve those issues one by one, that voice will naturally disappear. Also, you will come out of it wiser, stronger, and a better human being. It will be a win-win situation for you!

Distract Yourself From Your Inner Critic

The inner critic is stronger on days when you make mistakes. It might keep reminding you you made a blunder, and so, your mind will keep replaying the same event repeatedly. On days like this, you need to distract yourself. Focus your attention on doing something you love. You could watch a tv show you love or go hang out with your friends. You could clean your house or talk with your parents on the phone. Just do whatever you can to have a good time.

Be Your Own Best Friend

This is a long-term solution and entails a change in the way you talk to yourself. You need to talk to yourself as if you’re talking to your best friend. What do you do when your best friend feels demotivated or doubts themselves? Won’t you encourage them and try to make them feel better? You would, right? Then why not do this for yourself? If you see yourself as your own best friend, the way you talk to yourself (the inner voice) will change its tone too!

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  1. Anthony

    my tip is that you should behave like a scientist. Imagine you are a scientist and you are using a microscope to examine the contents of your inner critic. Listen carefully to what he has to say to you. Analyze exactly which areas of life he criticizes again and again. Then work on making the critical voice silent..


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