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Potpourri of Tales | Cantiara | Short Stories Collection

A Collection of short stories

Potpourri of Tales

One short story (or more, if time and circumstances permit) a month.

A collection of scribbled glimpses that my mind’s eye sees in the form of short fiction. Geared toward a general audience, these stories focus primarily on life, love, hope, and new beginnings. As the characters spring off the page, I hope you find at least one tale that resonates with you.

– Each piece stands individually, so you don’t need to read the book chronologically.

Story 1: Christmas Rollercoaster

“Instead of dreaming about ambition and riches, Nate had dreamed about a family—a family that he was going to leave in tatters once ALS ran its course.”

It’s only a matter of time until Nate loses control of his own body, his own voice. Though he tries to come to terms with the life-altering diagnosis of ALS, he’s especially devastated that he’ll eventually lose use of his hands—invaluable to his livelihood as a candymaker. Despite the medical bills and bad days, he continues while he still can.

However, in a magical realist twist, Nate’s taken back in time on a Christmas Eve rollercoaster. Though his future is inevitable, he hopes to use this second chance to make sure his family is well-provided for.

But what sacrifices will he have to make?

Story 2 : Shining Through His Broken Pieces

“And just like that, with each step forward, the child forever shut off the entrance to his heart”

After a difficult start, a young man tentatively begins to live in the light—rather than continue to hide in the shadows.

But can he ever risk opening his heart, even for someone special?

Story 3 : Learning to Live

Gregg Miller likes his life just the way it is, thank you very much. A steady job working at a law firm, a beautiful girlfriend, time to go out with his friends; he has everything a man could want. And yet…

He begins to ponder where his life is going, just as it is forced in a new direction. With the sudden appearance of the son he hadn’t even known existed, Gregg is thrust into a new role that he never expected to play: a father.

And though Gregg likes his routine, the predictability, and stability of it all, he begins to realize that life doesn’t always follow a defined path — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Story 4 : ILY 🤟

For so long, everyone thought Hailey was deaf when, in reality, she just doesn’t like talking and learned sign language at a young age. She never corrected anyone until someone confessed their love for her, thinking she couldn’t hear them.

Story 5 : Olive You

He’s a know-it-all chef with a thriving restaurant and she’s a scathing food critic who can kill a trend with a few vicious sentences. Will their recipe for each other end up just right?

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